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high quality , good services

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high quality , good services

About the company : History & overview

History & overview: Matrix Medical Supplies Co. Ltd based in Khartoum Sudan North Al-Gurashi Park - Katarina Street Khartoum 3 - Building No.22 – 1rd floor was established in year 2009, as one of the local distributors for medical products. In year 2010, Matrix Medical Supplies Co. Ltd established a new department for medical laboratories facilities (laboratory equipment, instruments & medical Laboratory consumables). This is because; most of our employees are medical laboratory scientist. We are considered as main supplier for most hospitals, diagnostic and research laboratories. Matrix is committed to providing quality products manufactured to the highest safety standards with complete Support and After Sales Services backed by an expert team of application specialists to identify ways to maximize efficiency.

based on the concept of high quality,good services and reasonable price .The company has grown rapidlr into a team aming to contribute to human health care and fulfill costumers need
Paid capital & working capital
Paid capital :250,000.00 USD
Working capital :650,000.00 USD
  • Marketing and Commercial department.
  • Account department
  • Services department
  • Import department



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Mr. Mohammed Elhadi Mustafa
General Manager

08:00 - 18:00
08:00 - 18:00

South East Al-Gurashi Park -
Ahmed Khair Street. Khartoum 2
- Building No.22 – 3rd floor Khartoum - Sudan
Tel: +249157845791 - +249183477238
Mobile: +249912200546
Email: melhadi@matrix-sd.com

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